Beauty Hacks In Five Minutes By Wengie

Wengie is a woman who enjoys skincare hacks that don’t take long to perform during the day. She has created a video that features several hacks for applying and removing makeup for those who frequently travel or those who just don’t have the time to invest in a makeup routine.


Create a triangle with concealer under the eye for a balanced and lighter look. You will look like you’re refreshed and more awake during the day. Use foundation gunk as a concealer. Line your water line with white eyeliner for a brighter look on the face and around the eyes.


Use a white eyeliner as a base for eye-shadow. This will help the powder be a little more vibrant. A spoon or a card can be used to create lines with mascara along the eyes so that they are straight. Apply a face powder between coats of mascara to give a clumpy effect. Heat the eyelashes with a hair dryer before applying mascara as this will curl them a little easier. Save an old clumpy mascara by putting eye drops in the bottle. You can use an angled liner brush with the clumpy mascara, adding it to the lashes. Create a cross on the lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick so that you get the color balanced. A light face powder can be used as a base so that the lipstick goes on smoothly. Coconut oil also works, giving the lips moisture and shine before color is added.

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