Securus Technology calling systems fight crime through high technology

Prison communication systems have long presented a catch-22 to administrators and staff. While it is only humane to allow inmates to communicate with their loved ones on the outside, prison phone systems have often presented a serious challenge to the maintenance of security within the facility.


Gangs often use prison telephone systems for illicit activities and in the furtherance of criminal enterprise. For almost the entire history of prison calling in the United States, administrators and staff struggled to get a grip on the problem of prison calling facilities being used for illegal activity by gangs or even by individual prisoners.


However, over the last decade solutions have slowly come online that promise to almost completely eliminate the scourge of illicit activity being carried out over prison communication systems. Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communication solutions in the United States, has developed a suite of high-tech products that allow prison communication systems to remain almost entirely free of illegal activity and communications that may compromise the safety and security of the institution.


Through the use of highly sophisticated algorithms that make use of artificial intelligence such as neural networks and machine learning, Securus has created systems that enable all communications taking place on the prison’s communication systems to be constantly and simultaneously monitored. These systems don’t just monitor all communications in a passive way. They actively sift through all words in the context of all conversations, only bringing those conversations to the attention of corrections officers which are most likely to present a serious threat to the institution and its safety.


The use of sophisticated, automatic prioritization of caseloads allows prison guard to efficiently create workflows that ensure their attentions are only drawn to the most serious threats at any given time. Through systems like this, Securus is helping to create a safer prison environment by getting the right tools into the hands of the brave corrections officers who keep our nation’s prisons safe.


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