Doug Levitt Takes The Greyhound Diaries On The Road

Journalist and songwriter Doug Levitt is one of a handful of artists over the years to explore segments of the population that have been largely forgotten.

His project The Greyhound Diaries has taken him to all parts of the country to gain an up close and personal view of how people are surviving in the midst of economic turmoil and political strife. Levitt found riders living from paycheck to paycheck, still in search of the American dream that has eluded them.

The Greyhound Diaries is patterned similarly to the federally funded WPA efforts of that 1930s that documented the plight of struggling Americans.

Levitt has logged over 120,000 miles from North to South, East to West, collecting hundreds of stories, songs, photographs and other mementos to mark his travels. According to Levitt, the venture was cathartic for him. Losing his father to suicide as a team gave him more empathy and insight into the problems Americans are facing every day.

Doug Levitt has taken The Greyhound Diaries on the road as a one-man show. He has performed at The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and Walter Reed Army Hospital among other places. He has also recorded an LP documenting his travels. Levitt’s The Greyhound Diaries book features hundreds of stories and images.

Levitt is a former journalist and war correspondent who has broadcast from war torn areas all around the world. He has worked for ABC News, Fox News and CBS. He grew up in Washington D.C and is the son of former D.C. Councilwoman Carol Schwartz.

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