Bob Reina: The CEO With Big Plans

Bob Reina is the type of CEO that truly cares about what he does both with the product of Talk Fusion and also with his life. When it comes to Talk Fusion, he wants to create a product that people all over the world love, embrace, and get something out of every single time they use it. In the case of Talk Fusion, that is what has happened. People have embraced it because it is a new way of doing business for people out there. They can use all of the great features that Talk Fusion has like Video Chat, Video Newsletters, and Video Conferences to enhance and grow their business. Recently, they made some great upgrades to Video Chat to make it even better.


This was all done with the intention of giving people more choices out there when it comes to life. They want to be able to give people the chance to work from home and live a comfortable life. A lot of times people want that, but they don’t know how to go about getting it and making it a reality. Now, with Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, they see they can do it and they are more than happy to make it happen. They just needed that little bit of a push.


In addition to all of the people that are happy working from home and starting up their own business, Bob Reina has done wonderful things when it comes to charity. He made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, a donation that has been said to have saved many, many animal lives. That is nothing to sneeze at, that is for sure. That is big time stuff. He has also given his employees the chance to give out Talk Fusion to one charity of their choosing. He is also offering thirty-day free trials of Talk Fusion to people that want to try it out and see how it can transform their life in ways they probably never, ever thought possible. Bob Reina has been doing this since Talk Fusion started in 2007 and he only plans to do more.

The Act Of Building With Online Reputation Management

One of the most important aspects of online reputation management is action. While people can talk about it, think about it, come up with plans, and even dream about it, the most important thing that needs to be done is the act of building a good reputation. There is a lot to be considered when it comes to the act of building online reputation. For one thing, there needs to be an understanding that this is not a one time, or even temporary deal. One has to be building and maintaining his reputation as long as his business is around and he is the owner of his business.

There are a lot of things that one can do when it comes to his reputation. This goes beyond merely providing products and services to customers. One thing that customers do not look for anymore is distant servers. While it is tempting to be distant, one has to understand the true value of engagement. One of the most important things that people could do in order to improve his reputation or even maintain it is make sure that he has customer service as part of his set of business activities. This will help make sure that he is making customers happy.

Among the other things that go into building an Online Reputation Reviews is crisis management and competitor analysis. This makes sure that people are hearing good things about you and have a positive association with you. One thing that people are no longer doing is buying from a business that has a bad reputation. These days, the customer is trying to protect himself from what could happen to him based on what he has heard about someone else. When one does business with a good reputation, then he is protecting himself from disappointment.

Bob Reina: Success In Giving Back

An online article on discussed Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. The company’s goal since 2007 has been to help people. Talk Fusion is committed to give back to people all over the world, says the article. Bob Reina is dedicated to his company’s goals.


Reina uses positive reinforcement when it comes to charitable work. He says that there is a responsibility given to those who are successful to give back to others. This concept is fully ingrained in Talk Fusion, says the article. Reina motivates his staff to do more to help people.


Bob Reina has been a prime example of helping others. The article mentions that he donated $1 million to Tampa Bay’s Humane Society. Thanks to his generosity, the lives of many animals will be saved. Reina also supports an orphanage in Indonesia, says the article. He believes in changing lives with positive actions. He encourages charitable giving throughout his company, who has agents all over the world.


Talk Fusion also has a special program that Reina established. Every associate is allowed to donate a free account to a charity of choice. The article says that the free account is Talk Fusion’s top-tier account. It includes all of the special services and products that Talk Fusion offers. Reina wants to help as many non-profits reach as many people as they can with their message, says the article.


Reina uses his video marketing products to help people and businesses reach their goals. This has been something that he has worked toward for many years. He appreciates success stories from Talk Fusion associates, says the article. Reina is interested in how Talk Fusion helps their lives. Each success story validates Bob Reina’s vision even more. He is seeing his vision realized every day.

BrightPast Goes International!

Recently, BrightPast, a reputation management company, have announced the launch of their expanded product contributions and service coverage.BrightPast’s services have officially gone international. They can now provide their services to clients in any country around the world that speaks English.

A company spokesperson claimed that over 90% of consumers will do their research on a company before buying a product or service from them. Sometimes it only takes one bad article or review to lose potential customers. In addition, one negative comment on the first page of a Google search could cost a company millions of dollars in revenue.

This company has helped hundreds of companies clean up their online reputation. They claim they can help any business and expect no payment until after they’ve successfully removed any negative online content. They expect no money until the client is completely satisfied with a spotless internet profile.

BrightPast has worked with lawyers, doctors and executives who have had bad publicity. Politicians and celebrities have even worked with them to help remove personal negative comments online.

They don’t just remove unwanted URLs from any Google search results. They also take an additional step of replacing those negative comments with positives ones. This commitment to assisting clients in maintaining their reputation is what sets them apart from other reputation management companies.

BrightPast has 3 main steps in assisting clients: 1. They work on suppressing any negative content even on the farthest pages of Google 2. They promote the positive aspects of their clients by creating unique websites and press releases that paint them in the best light 3. They continuously monitor and maintain the clients’ online content daily and alert them of any changes.

Their team has been on the cutting edge of internet search technology since the 1990s. They’ve invented technologies to help manage clients’ online reputation faster and effectively. They are also the only company of its kind that is confident enough to charge clients absolutely nothing until their goals have been reached.

New Zealand Establishes a New Taxation Model

A recent media publication about New Zealand’s foreign trust makes it sound like a tax haven. However, the OECD maintains that New Zealand is not a tax haven. A tax haven lacks tax transparency, imposes nominal taxes, and foreign trust procedures inhibits the flow of information to other governments. Based on the grounds above, New Zealand does not qualify to be a tax haven. Furthermore, New Zealand’s private banking industry is not as complicated as is alleged.

New Zealand was involved in the establishment of 2002 gold standard for transparency, a foreign trust model that supports the exchange of information with other governments to enforce domestic tax laws. New Zealand featured on OECD’s white list for having implemented the agreed global tax standards. Furthermore, New Zealand demonstrates tax transparency by implementing the agreed tax standards to facilitate the exchange of relevant tax information. In 2006, Michael Cullen led in the formulation of new tax rules in New Zealand. Under the new regulations, trustees of a foreign trust must provide their financial records and submit the IR607 form.

About Cone Marshall

Founded in 1999, Cone Marshall is a global level tax and trusts law firm located in Auckland. The firm was founded by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Before establishing Cone Marshall in 2005, Karen Marshall worked in a London-based Commercial Litigation department for over a decade. She has been Cone Marshall’s principal since 2006. With an extensive experience in trusts management, Karen Marshall is an advisor to legal trustee firms. Contrary, Geoffrey Cone specializes in international trusts and tax planning.

Cone Marshall partners with governments and their advisors in establishing foreign trusts and providing global investment and tax advice. In a 2012 article posted on social media sites, Geoffrey Cone discredited the notion that New Zealand’s private banking industry had complex financial deals and that the country was a tax haven. Instead, he claimed that New Zealand subscribes to the principles of international tax laws.

Geoffrey Cone also noted that New Zealand’s foreign trusts are on increase. The recent growth in New Zealand’s foreign trusts is attributed to the countries stability, tightened security, and well-structured judiciary and banking industry. New Zealand’s excellent reputation as a safe and stable place to base one’s assets is instrumental to the increase of its foreign trusts. Over the years, Cone Marshall adheres to international tax and trust transparency and provides affordable advice on international tax and trust law.