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Who is Thor Halvorssen? He does not seem to be a person who makes the daily news or stand-out articles on the internet. This name is unknown to many people.

It is amazing when you write articles. You search the internet and all these unknown names come up.

Thor Halverssen is the 39-year-old president of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF). He started the organization in 2005. The HRF is a nonprofit organization that protects and promotes human rights around the world. They focus on many freedoms they believe all humans are entitled to, including but not limited to speech, religion, the right to enter and leave one’s country, equal treatment and freedom from discrimination.

According to BizJournals, Although he has a Nordic name, Mr. Thor Halverssen was born in Caracas and is half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan. He speaks accentless American English. His speech would sound like he was born and raised in the United States.

After reading about Thor’s family history on (, it is without a doubt that he became a human rights activist.

One of Thor’s famous quotes is “I love people!”. From what I read, that is true.

Mr. Halverssen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which are global conferences run by the Human Rights Foundation. The slogan used is “Challenging Power.”

Mr. Halverssen is also an actor and producer. He is currently filming the movie “Untitled Anthony Lucero Project”, due for release in 2017. He also played a bomb specialist in the 2009 movie “2081”.

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