Malini Saba is a Master in Financial Matters

Malini Saba has become one of the most important people in the financial world. She has become one of the top investors, and there is no doubt that she is an inspiration to all that see her work. I have seen what she has done as an investor, and I have been impressed by the path that she has traveled. There is a level of inspiration that comes with her humble beginnings and rise in the financial world.


I don’t think that I know of any people that have taken the time to actually go through free lectures and build a presence in the financial industry. She has worked wonders, and I am pleased with what she has been able to accomplish. Saba has shown me that there may be some dominant men in the financial world, but there are a lot of women that have the same type of business mindset. I believe that her strong will to dapple in risky technology stocks has paid off. She has made millions and proven that women can do the job that men do just as well as men. In her case, Saba proved that she could actually do the job better than most men.


Saba is certainly the leader that I point to when I want to get inspiration for the major that I have. I am majoring in Finance, and I think that the industry is a tough one if you don’t take risks. What I have learned from Malini Saba is that you have to take the risks if you are going to reap the high returns. When she invested in PayPal it was a risk, but this was certainly a risk that was worth taking.


I know that Malini Saba must have made some decisions with stocks that she regrets buying, but I like the fact that she learns from mistakes. That is what has made things work for her. She never seems to wallow in the mistakes that she has made. What she has managed to do instead is learn from her failures. I think that this is what made her a stronger investor.


Today Malini Saba has her own company called Saban, and people are also benefiting from her non-profit organization as well. People have been seeing the work that she has done, and all of the praise is well deserved for her contributions to society.

Lazy Life Hacks

Are you lazy? Maybe you just don’t have time to do things? Try these tips and tricks for lazy hacks by Wengie!



  • Lentil Pizza in a Mug Recipe for a quick dinner that’s vegan friendly and super healthy!
  • Chocolate Mug Cake – also low fat and healthier than regular cake!
  • Want Chips? Hate getting crumbs all the way to your elbow? Try this trick! Roll the bottom of the bag into itself until the chip level is at the top of the bag!
  • Too lazy to get a spoon to eat yogurt? No problem! Just fold the tin lid a few times and you’ve got a makeshift spoon!
  • If your collar needs ironing, but you don’t want to go to get the iron and ironing board, just use your hair straightener!
  • Too lazy to check on your oven? Easy! Just face time or Skype your phone from your computer and then tape your phone onto your oven and leave the light on and you can watch Netflix on your computer without having to worry about it burning!
  • Lose your remote? No problem! Download an app on your phone and it becomes a remote!
  • Hate doing dishes? Easy! Cover your plate in cling wrap before eating and then dispose of it afterword!
  • Lazy Meter Up to 100% on this one! Wear a hoodie backwards and use the hood as a popcorn bowl. Hands free eating!
  • Trying to drink water lying down? Don’t want to spill on yourself? Use a sippy cup!
  • Dont feel like vacuming, but your mom is nagging you to? Just find a youtube video of vacuum sounds!
  • Don’t wnat to do the dishes? Just print out a picture of the bottom of your sink and place it on top! Voila!
  • Make a DIY iPad or iPhone stand with command hooks!




That’s it! All the Lazy Life Hacks you’ll need to know to keep up your favorite lifestyle. Enjoy!

Wen By Chaz Is What You Need

When you are in need of a good, hair care product, you will find that there are many different kinds out on the market. Wen By Chaz is by far one of the ones that works the best. You will need to make sure that your hair looks great all the time, and that is what you can do with Wen By Chaz. You will not have to try a bunch of different products anymore.

Wen By Chaz Is Shampoo And Conditioner

Finally, there is a product that makes sense for your hair. Being that this is a shampoo and conditioner, you won’t have to spend lots of money on your hair anymore. Wen By Chaz is made to work easily and quickly. You will see improvements in your hair in a short time.

How Do You Use Wen By Chaz?

WEN By Chaz comes with instructions for the best results. You should use it on a daily basis so that your hair will look great for you. It is simple and easy, so make sure that you take the time to order yours today.

Wen By Chaz is a product that many women are raving about. They love how it makes their hair look great, and at how easy it is to use. Be sure to get your Wen By Chaz today. You will probably want to stock up on it so that you have more Wen By Chaz on hand. It works so well, that you won’t have to worry when you have a special outing planned because your hair will look great when you use Wen By Chaz. Visit the product’s Facebook page and YouTube channel for more info.

IAP Worldwide Takes Professionalism To A New Level

IAP Worldwide has been operating on a global scale, offering their services in logistics and facility management primarily, but they also do so much more today as well. Today, the company calls home to Cape Canaveral, Florida, along with having several other business locations spread out internationally and domestically. Because of the high number of government contracts that the company deals with, they also have a location close to Washington D.C., which helps them stay ahead of their government contracts. These contracts are a high priority of course, and they bring in millions in revenue for the company each year. IAP Worldwide even done business over in the Middle East to handle many of the businesses needs, both private and public, along with supplying the United States Government.

The company has come a long way, continuing in the footsteps of their predecessors, they have been involved in many different projects in US history on They were even involved with early spacecraft launches, and to this day, the company has helped with more than 2500 spacecraft launches in Florida. The strong foundation and good relationships the company built in its past has helped them a great deal in maintaining success today.

IAP Worldwide specialized in logistics when they first started out, along with mission support and supplying generators to the United States Armed forces. The company now supplies the United States Government and US Army with their efforts in many locations, and continues to provide mission support to this day. They have done their part to supply the armed forces in large quantities during a few of the countries wars, and IAP Worldwide will continue to support the US Government and Military for the foreseeable future.

IAP Worldwide supports business, both public and private, all over the world, along with their active support to governments. Over the years, the company has acquired other companies and gone through restructures to improve on their existed services and extend the range of services they have overall. They started primarily in logistics, and now they provide services for facility management, transportation, disaster relief, engineering, aircraft repair, and more. With more than 1,500 employees today, the company has no problems servicing clients around the world.

Thor Halvorssen – Fighting for Freedom

Who is Thor Halvorssen? He does not seem to be a person who makes the daily news or stand-out articles on the internet. This name is unknown to many people.

It is amazing when you write articles. You search the internet and all these unknown names come up.

Thor Halverssen is the 39-year-old president of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF). He started the organization in 2005. The HRF is a nonprofit organization that protects and promotes human rights around the world. They focus on many freedoms they believe all humans are entitled to, including but not limited to speech, religion, the right to enter and leave one’s country, equal treatment and freedom from discrimination.

According to BizJournals, Although he has a Nordic name, Mr. Thor Halverssen was born in Caracas and is half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan. He speaks accentless American English. His speech would sound like he was born and raised in the United States.

After reading about Thor’s family history on (, it is without a doubt that he became a human rights activist.

One of Thor’s famous quotes is “I love people!”. From what I read, that is true.

Mr. Halverssen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which are global conferences run by the Human Rights Foundation. The slogan used is “Challenging Power.”

Mr. Halverssen is also an actor and producer. He is currently filming the movie “Untitled Anthony Lucero Project”, due for release in 2017. He also played a bomb specialist in the 2009 movie “2081”.

Read more:
Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Equities First Holdings Experiences an Influx of Demand on Stock Based and Marginal Loans

Equities First Holdings, a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, is experiencing growth in demand for its stock-based and marginal based loans. This is attributable to the tightening of the lending criteria by financial institutions and banks. Equities lending is growing in popularity as an alternative way for lenders who do not qualify for conventional credit-based loans to raise capital. According to Al Christy, CEO and founder of Equities First Holdings (EFH), stock-based loans are suitable for those seeking working capital because they offer fixed interest rates and have a higher loan-to-value ratio as compared to marginal loans. The fixed interest rates provided by the stock-based loans are great because they offer certainty to the borrower over the life of the transaction.


Christy notes that a majority consider stock-based loans and marginal loans to be synonymous despite their clear differences. Margin loans are characterized by loan-to-value ratios in the region of 10 to 50 percent, variable interest rates, a call for the money to be used for a specific purpose and liquidation of the borrower’s collateral without notice in the event of a margin call. On the other hand, stock-based loans are characterized by fixed interest rates, loan-to-value ratios in the region of 50 to 75 percent, are non-recourse and no restrictions on how to spend the money.


Al Christy believes that the reason why stock-based loans have taken long to be seen as a viable borrowing option is because in the past lenders often failed to return the stocks to the borrowers upon maturity or dumped the borrower’s security to the open market. He differentiates EFH from the unscrupulous lenders by stating that it operates with transparency and follows the counsel of regulatory institutions. Christy adds that the goal of EFH is to give clients the maximum benefit at the lowest risk possible.


About Equities First Holdings

EFH has been in operation since 2002 with its main form of business being offering alternative financing solutions to people. It offers loans to people against shares traded on public exchanges worldwide. The company has closed over 650 deals valued at $1.4 billion from inception to date.

The offices of EFH are spread out across nine countries. It also owns subsidiaries such as Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd and Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited. The success of EFH is attributable to its team of financial industry gurus.


For more information  please visit

Sam Tabar Is A High Achieving Financial Strategist


Sam Tabar had made a great many achievements throughout his career. In recent times he has found himself in more than one executive position with two different companies. He is the current Chief Financial Officer for Awearable Apparel and Chief Operational Officer for the Full Cycle Energy Fund.


Sam Tabar is one of those people in the generation that is capable of being a leader that will innovative and break new barriers in his field. In this case, an exceptional and innovating leader in finances is necessary for the technical leaders to shine and show their abilities as well.


Sam Tabar is recognized around the world and is among these essential leaders that will help further future generations. Sam himself graduated from Oxford University and also the Columbia School of Law, where he earned his law degree. He has attended two of the top schools in the world, which has helped build himself up with an impressive background.


For many years now, Sam has been putting himself out there working in investments, law, and finances, putting his knowledge and talents to good use to bring new growth to different companies and industries around the globe, many listed on his LinkedIn profile. It was his interest in law and financial investments that got Sam starting his career by working at Skadden, Slater, Arps, Meagher, and Flom LLP, after completing his higher education.


During his time at the Skadden, Sam was working on hedge fund structuring for the company’s clients. He was teaching clients on different matters for regulatory and compliance on hedge funds and employee matters. Sam was doing well and was quite successful with the company.


Today, Sam Tabar has extensive experience in hedge funds and law matters, along with skills sets in investing and business. A strong background and expertise like this puts him in high demand by many companies in the law and finance industries internationally.