The Outstanding Richard Mishaan Design Firm

Richard Mishaan Design firm is a well-established firm that is located in New York City. It is owned and managed by Richard Mishaan. Richard is a famous architect who has also specialized in interior design. His career started when he was working in the Philip Johnson Office while also attending school in Columbia University of Architecture.


The Richard Mishaan Company is well known for its unique sense of creativity and taste in creating exquisite homes that usually are attractive to people seeking to buy houses. The firm collects and mixes different types of designs and decors from various periods of history. Its distinct way of blending different cultural ideas to come up with refined and beautiful homes. Unlike most designers who hit the summit of the market by developing expensive and classy structures that are usually restricted to a specific group of people, Richard Mishaan Design develops both large and small apartments that are marketable to both the low and high-class income individuals.


Over the last two decades, the firm’s work in the design market has not been overlooked. It has been honored with awards by both AD100 as well as Elle Décor A-List. The firm works on diverse projects including commercial, residential, and even hospitality. In most of the projects undertaken by the Richard Mishaan firm, each room is treated as a different entity as hence it is given its luxury. The presidential suites project at St. Regis Hotel is one that he executed with utmost class and perfection. What makes it unique is their ability in interior designing to convert spaces of any size to form finesse estates. The Richard Mishaan firm key to creating a home that is full of comfort and appealing to the eyes is by use of ingenuity and restraint. Mishaan believes that beautiful artistic furniture and fine accessories can all be combined and blended in a room regardless of their cost, period and style.

NuoDB Database Management Solutions

Companies in need of database and cloud technology solutions should take a look at industry-leading company NuoDB’s namesake application; NuoDB. This software solution for managing SQL-oriented databases has helped countless businesses and project managers organize and create functional, scalable databases.

One reason behind NuoDB’s success is the unique approach they take in the NudoDB Database Management System. This company impressed investors, who gladly poured millions into research and growth efforts, when they began working on a patent for what is now known as elastically scalable databases. NuoDB was awarded the patent in 2012, and gathered more than $12 Million in venture investments that same year. This new technology was welcomed with open arms by programmers, managers and database engineers who had long been seeking a solution for the dynamic scaling of cloud-based and other database types.

It’s clear to industry insiders and investors alike that NuoDB is here to stay. Their flagship software increases database speed while eliminating sharding and other deleterious effects shown in other database management systems.

The NuoDB database management system uses a layering technique to separate data for efficient redundancy and quick access. The databases you’ll set up with NuoDB are three-tiered, conveniently allowing for the compartmentalization of administrative, transactional, and data storage.

The Role Cancer Treatment Centers of America

There are many organizations in the United Sates that are involved in efforts to improve cancer treatment. The need to enhance cancer treatment has led to the establishment of oncology treatment platforms such as the Clinical Pathways platform. The platform is a product of the partnership between Allscrips and NantHealth. Oncologists have increased access to clinical workflows and clinical decision support solutions from platforms like the Clinical Pathways platform. The platform plays a critical role as a source of critical information in the cancer treatment process.

The Clinical Pathways platform has critical cancer care data contributed by some of the leading oncologists in America. The data is useful in cancer treatment and many oncologists have been able to successfully treat cancer patients using information from the platform. The platform can always be consulted by oncologist and clinicians and in the process eliminating instances of guesswork. Oncologists can come up with different care protocols using new information that can be found on the platform. Some of the new information includes; latest complimentary therapies, cancer treatment regimens, as well as recent cancer research findings. Since the Clinical Pathways platform was established, there has been improved efficiency and transparency in the selection of cancer therapies.

Basic Information about CTCA

There are up to five major canters for treating cancer in the United States that fall under the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). The centers are located in strategic areas such as Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Pennsylvania. Patients that visit these centers are offered personalized and comprehensive care using latest treatment regimens and leading-edge technologies.

The oncologist and clinicians at the cancer centers apply information from the latest cancer research to ensure that patient re receive the best treatment. Integrative treatment regimens that included chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery are also applied. Cancer patients that visit the centers always come out with positive comments.

Jose AuriemoNeto Steers JHSF to Greater Success

JHSF is Real Estate Company based in Brazil. JHSF Company deals with both commercial and residential Properties. JHSF, founded in 1972 has developed various properties like shopping malls, hotels, and residential properties and more information click here.

The Company has offices in Brazil, the United States, and Uruguay. It was the first company to venture into income assets. JHSF has established different income generating properties that include hotels, airports and shopping malls. JHSF has also created other companies; Ponta Negra, Amazonas, and Manus.

JHSF established its first retail in 2006 when it launched CidadeJardim Complex. The complex includes shopping malls and also residential apartments. In 2007, JHSF acquired a percentage of shares at the Fasano Group Hotels. The Company gained total control of the Hotels in 2014. They have also launched international projects in New York. JHSF is a Public traded company, and as of 2017, the company had achieved R $1.20 Billion in the Brazilian Stock market.

The Company has been recognized in the international front for their work in the Real Estate. JHSF won the Best Seal of Aqua Awards in 2012 for their CidadeJardim Complex project. In 2014, The Company was also awarded as the Best Developer in Brazil.

About Jose AuriemoNeto is Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Real Estate Company. As the Chairman of JHFS, Jose is in charge of overseeing the projects of the Company. Jose is also responsible for the company’s portfolio. Neto began his career in 1993.

In 2009, Jose AuriemoNeto was behind the signing of the contracts between the Company and the fashion brands namely Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. In 2012, the Company partnered with Valentino. The partnership led to the opening of different retail stores in most of the Shopping Malls in Brazil.

In 1997, Jose was involved in the designing and launching of the Parkbem, a Parking lot Company. He led the Company to attain great success. Because of the success, Jose secured the rights to establish JFSH’s first shopping project in 1998.

Jose Auriemo graduated from the University of Sao Paulo and learn more about Jose.


Making Advertising Fun Like Jose Henrique Borghi

Advertising is a large part of marketing for companies. It is one of the ways that many companies gain their customers and make profits. However, it can be very intimidating for people to take on. For one thing, ads are often looked at as annoying. However, there are ways that business advertising work in the favor of the company. While people are often annoyed by the ads that show during their entertainment, they do find that the ads that show the products or other stuff they like to be rather welcome. Therefore, there is a way to get customers and profits without annoying the customer.

This is one area that Jose Henrique Borghi excels in. He knows how to bring forth ads that are not going to aggravate the audience. One thing he knows is how to find the right audience for the ad. For one thing, it doesn’t matter to some people how well put together an ad is if it is not the type of product they would like. Therefore, Jose makes sure for each client he finds the right audience. Therefore, he most successful ad agencies collects information on the client which includes the type of company he is working with and their promotions.

After collecting advertising information on the client, he then looks for the target audience. In order to do that, he looks at where they would go. This is often a time consuming part because one has to make sure that he is getting the best possible results with his advertising. Once he finds the audience and comes up with the right advertising campaign, then there is a strategy to reach the audience. Jose Henrique Borghi is very effective in his method of advertising. This is one of the reasons that his company Mullen Lowe is one of the most successful ad agencies.

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Keeping Fugitives In Prison Using Securus Technologies

When my fugitive task force gets the call of a fugitive that needs to be found, we spring into action utilizing a number of key resources at our disposal. First thing we do is to reach out to family and friends of the suspect to see if anyone will cooperate. When this doesn’t pan out, we will even do some surveillance on these folks just to make sure they are on the up-and-up. We even make used of anonymous informants if they are willing to talk to authorities.


This was not going to be this case with this suspect because he was deep i hiding and hot contacting anyone he knew. He would strike when he needed cash or drugs, leaving a wake of destruction behind. The only piece of the puzzle we had was his brother already in the local jail. Our other resource, the inmate call monitoring system, was going to help us break this case wide open.


Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in the jail, and it allows officers to pick up on conversations from the inmates using the LBS software. We trust this company because their CEO, Rick Smith, says all of his employees work towards keeping the world a safer place for all. Already installed in 2,600 prison systems, we knew we had a great tool for closing the gap on this fugitive.


As expected, his brother could not keep quiet and was talking on the phone to his family about his sibling. His conversations were short, but he did tip us off to a location where the inmate could be in hiding. That night, we surrounded the location and took the fugitive down as he walked to the store to get some smokes. No injuries, no violence, just a capture thanks to Securus Technologies.

Things Ideamensch Learned About Investor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly loves to share his viewpoints on the market and show investors how they can run their own portfolios without needing a broker which is what his newsletters are all about. He’s the author of “Profits Unlimited” and “True Momentum” which provide tips on various stocks to investors and offers insights to the markets.

Mampilly was interviewed by Ideamensch who he told about spending time throughout his day reading and watching market news as he updates his portfolio for his followers. He said one thing that’s helped him become successful over the years is looking at other viewpoints and figuring out where he could be wrong in order to do better.

Mampilly has been a professional investor for over 20 years and has a degree from Fordham, though he later said if he were to go back and do it over again he would probably skip college to become a self-taught investor. The bank he began at was Deutsche Bank, and he moved up the ladder in banking several times from researcher to portfolio advisor. He went from banking to hedge funds and joined one of the fastest-growing hedge funds at the time, Kinetics International Fund. Paul Mampilly grew this firm’s AUM dramatically from $6 billion to $25 billion and investors even saw returns of over 26% annually.

Paul Mampilly was the top winner of the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition in 2008 for turning an investment at the height of the financial crisis into a 76% gain. A few years later Mampilly had earned enough to retire and did, though in reality it was the next step towards helping people in a way he felt Wall Street didn’t. He became a private investor who focused on startup company stocks and his biggest investment was Sarepta Therapeutics whose stock turned into a hefty gain in a short time. He also was an early investor in Netflix, CEMEX and Facebook. He became a publisher for Banyan Hill in 2016 when he wrote “Profits Unlimited.” That newsletter generated a large following of over 60,000 very quickly. Even more investors are slated to join the “True Momentum” subscriber list.

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Talos Energy: First Foreign Competitor In Mexican Waters In 80 Years

A well has just been placed offshore in Mexican waters. This is something that has not been done in nearly 80 years and is a result of Mexico’s decision to allow foreign and competing companies backing into their oil market. The well is collaboration between Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas, Talos Energy from Houston, and Premier Oil Plc from London. These are the first companies that are allowed access to Mexico’s oil field since the beginning of the county’s oil industry in 1938. Ever Since, it has been dominated by the Petroleos Mexicanos, a state run monopoly.

The well that they are digging is called Zama-1 and it reportedly holds somewhere between 100 million and 500 million barrels of oil. It will take around three months for the project to be completed and it will run Premier Oil about $16 million. According to Elaine Reynolds, Edison Investment Research analyst, the basin is likely to be highly successful due to its structure and location. Another analyst from Canaccord Genuity believes this project tis revolutionary for the energy market and it will be a point of major interest this year. Premier has a 25 percent stake in the company. Sierra has a 40 percent stakes and Talos has a 35 percent claim to the well. Talos is also the operator of the well.

Talks Energy has $600 million in backing and they are currently in possession of assets that are located in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos was recently given the honor of being award the best place to work out of small businesses in the area. They were given this honor by WorkplaceDynamics. They provide all their employees with a fair salary, but the big bonus is that each and ever employee is given a piece of equity in the company.

Talos Energy’s subsidiary, Talos Production LLC, acquired the Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. in 2013. The Energy Resource Technology GOM brings in an average of over 16,000 barrels of oil every day and the majority of these are oil-weighted. This is a big step for Talos because it follows the Energy Resource Technology’s success in the Wang exploration.

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Summer Woes: How to Prevent 3 Common Summer Mistakes

Although many of us are happy that it’s the summertime, we often forget about a few summer mistakes that can happen if we aren’t too careful. Believe it or not, there is a such thing as having too much fun! We’ve provided you with three common summer mistakes and how to fight them successfully this year.


Summer Mistake #1: Boredom/not planning enough.

Are you trying to conquer boredom this summer? One easy way to eliminate that is to watch television. If you don’t have much to watch, you can always order Netflix and stream it on your TV to enjoy. However, if you’re more interested in going outside and enjoying the weather, you can always look up events in your local city! Make sure to take advantage of festivals, concerts, and camping trips. See also


Summer Mistake #2: Not taking care of your skin.

A lot of us think we’re too cool for sunscreen. Make sure that you take care of your appearance by wearing your favorite sunblock. Remember, SPF is your friend! Additionally, you’ll want to take care of your lips. EOS lip balm has incredible flavors you can choose from to keep your pout shimmering and hydrated. Don’t forget about their body lotion, either; you can smell appealing and feel super soft for your summer crush. Additionally, EOS products are 95% organic, hop over this site.


Summer Mistake #3: Not pacing yourself during drinking.

During the summer, we tend to find reasons to spend more time outside than in other seasons. One common thing people do while outside is drink alcohol, whether it’s a delicious margarita or a cold beer. If you have a problem with pacing yourself while drinking, then either try to make an effort to control yourself or don’t do it at all. You might end up in the ER with something broken!  Learn more here on!


These are three common summer mistakes, but luckily, they aren’t hard to fix. With a nice sphere of EOS lip balm on your lips and sunscreen on your face, you’re set to go.

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Netpicks Teaches People How To know Their Drawdown

Everyone has their drawdowns. However, they can actually learn about their drawdowns if they take their time. This is one of the best things about trading. People can get knowledge about their performance if they take their time to study. However, a lot of people don’t know how to get the information they need. Fortunately, Netpicks has information on what people can do to learn about their drawdowns. Netpicks has laid it out so that it is simple to learn. The activity of learning the drawdown period takes a few steps to get down. However, the one who is organized and thorough in his research is going to get the needed information. For the latest updates and news from NetPicks, check this link.

One place to look at for information on your drawdowns is the trading system. Each trading system that one uses has a drawdown number. This will help the trader determine when he could expect to make a winning trade again. Another thing to look at is the magnitude of the drawdown. One thing that is common is that people are surprised with how much of an effect their drawdown has with their account. There are many cases when people believe they can live with a certain drawdown only to realize that it has left a huge impact on their account.  Related article on this helpful link.

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Another important thing for people to realize is that it is possible that their worst drawdown has not happened. While people love to avoid drawdowns, the important thing to be understood is that only the people that never trade are the ones that are going to avoid the drawdowns. Therefore, the next best thing to do when it comes to trading is to make sure that one is prepared for a drawdown in a way that they can easily recover from it. This is applicable to any market that they trade in.   Continue reading here,

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