How Eli Gershkovitch Runs A Successful Canadian Brewery

Beer is far and away the most popular alcoholic beverage in Canada. Over the last several years craft beer, in particular, has become increasingly popular across this country. Craft beer has seen annual sales going up by almost double digits almost every year since 2009. There are now local breweries in many Canadian cities which have proven to be exceedingly popular.

In Montreal, Quebec, a very popular brewery is Brasseurs Sans Gluten. Their most popular craft beer is Glutenberg Belgian Double which is also gluten-free. It’s made with barley and has a quite strong taste to it. It is also spicy with hints of nutmeg, molasses, and clove. It is 6.5% alcohol by volume. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the hip spot in town in Steamworks. This brewery was founded in 1995 by Eli Gershkovitch. They have a number of award-winning beers such as their Heroica Red Ale which in 2017 was named the best North American Amber Ale. Another award winner in this year was their Commonwealth Ale.

Eli Gershkovitch started out his career as a lawyer. He learned about liquor licensing rules while doing work for clients. Eli Gershkovitch decided to enter the industry himself because of his passion for craft beers. He chose a century-old building in Vancouver to place his business because it featured a steam heat system. The name of his company came from this because it’s the energy he uses to make his craft beer. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on

Nowadays each year Eli Gershkovitch produces between 15 and 17 craft beers. When Eli Gershkovitch started the business he had crafted six beers a year. His beer is sold in his pub as well as in government liquor stores across British Columbia as well as private stores. Eli says that when you’re running a business you either need to expand to meet demand or demand will decline to meet what you produce.

As Steamworks has grown larger and larger crowds Eli Gershkovitch has expanded his pub. It started out with enough room to seat 184 patrons and now it can sit 754. He also added a restaurant next door to the pub called Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. Eli Gershkovitch looks to continue expanding his business in the near future.


Dr Mark Holterman, a Philanthropic Pediatric Surgeon

Dr Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon, with over two decades of practical experience. He is also a paediatrics and surgery professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine where he has worked since 2011. Dr Mark is also the CEO of the investment firm Mariam Global Health, an organisation that deals with helping to manage and fund innovative businesses. He is also a pediatric surgeon at the St. Francis Medical Center, The Children’s Hospital of Illinois, and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He cares and operates on pediatric patients at the University of Illinois’ hospital amenities. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

Dr Mark researches on stem-cells and regenerative therapies as well as diabetes and cancer treatment methods. The American Diabetes Association awarded him the Innovative Research Award. His research acted as a motivation for mark to start a charity organisation called the Hannah Sunshine Foundation. A Non-profit group that helps children suffering from rare chronic diseases gets access to regenerative therapies primarily on the cellular level. Dr Mark is among the founders of International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), a non-profit organisation formed when Mark and his wife Ai-Xuan Le Holterman, decided to travel to Vietnam. This organisation’s chief goal is to make pediatric care more readily available to the children of Vietnam. The group was officially launched as an American non-profit in 2009.IPSAC-VN had a goal to team up medical professionals from Vietnam with those in the USA to find ways of improving hospital conditions. The main aim here is to reduce the number of hospital infections reported annually, get new equipment for hospitals and found new hospitals and clinics in the rural areas of Vietnam to improve the health of the general public through individuals and organizations.


Dr Mark Holterman has given speeches all over the world, written and published many educational, medical and scientific and papers in different medical fields such as immunology. He has also reviewed several medical journals and articles. Dr Mark Holterman has won four awards; these include America’s Top Doctors, Patients’ Choice, Compassionate Doctor and On-Time Doctor awards. View Mark Holterman’s Linkedin profile.

Reknown Biologist Mikhail Blagosklonny Works To Understand Oncology

Oncologist Interested in Aging And Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a oncologist whom is also an expert in aging and was formerly a professor of oncology. He holds a MD in internal medicine, and has contributed a great deal of research as a scientist.

Rapamycin Expertise

One area which he is an expert in is in creating a hypothesis for aging. TOR signaling, according to Mikhail, is the huge culprit behind aging and cancer. Rapamycin is a popular cancer drug that has a immunosuppressant function and Mikhail advocates for it’s use in cancer and aging.

The target of the Rapamycin drug is not active in contact-inhibited cells. This prevents the mTOR from becoming active in contact-inhibited cells. Converting to senescence is suppressed in cases where there are contact-inhibited cells. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar.

Plans for Oncology Research

Mikhail’s aim is to treat cancer in a cost-effective way which is less excruciating than the current methods on the market. The aim is to destroy cancer cells and do so without destroying normal body cells.

He believes that there is a connection between cancer and aging, Furthermore, he believes that cancer is common in older individuals, which is what he uses to cite as evidence for his theory that connects cancer to aging.

Professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute Working as Editor in Chief

Mikhail Blagosklonny is currently a professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and is working as an editor in chief for 3 different publications: Oncotarget, Aging, and Cell Cycle. He has 336 publications for which he is either the primary author, secondary author or an author on. This also gives him a total of 29050 citations, 12486 of which were since 2013. He is specifically interested in the cellular and molecular causes of human aging. Read more on Impact Journals.

Diverse Cross Section of Papers In Cancer, Aging

His papers represent a diverse cross section of scholarship, and demonstrate his abilities as a prominent researcher in his field. He is focused on cancer and aging research, including anti-aging properties of the drugs which he is interested in studying.

Editor in Chief of Oncotarget Publication With Hyperfuction Aging Theory

As the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget, he is an author of a theory known as the aging hyperfunction theory. This states that aging is caused by the accumulation of damage to the body, in the form of oxidative stress. Overactivity of metabolic processes causes an acceleration in the rate of age-related processes that lead to mortality.

M.D. and PhD Academic Background and Professional Background

His academic background includes a M.D. and PhD in internal medicine, experimental medicine, and oncology. He is also an Associate Professor at New York Medical College and Chairman of The Capital Group Companies, and a Board Member of Differentiation Journal Editorial Board.

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Line Crime Makes Connection with Multiple Customers

Lime Crime is a company that is growing in a way that many people may never have expected it to grow. This is a company that is on the move, and it has a strong fan base with millions of users that are patronizing the brand and following the Lime Crime social media accounts.

There is a strong amount of interest in what Doe Deere has done with this company that continues to evolve. She promotes much of the company through videos that she has created where she talks about new makeup products. There are also print ads for people that may read magazines and see something from the Unicorn makeup product line that is intriguing.

Doe Deere is really covering all bases when it comes to cosmetics. She has the lip gloss that is popular with the preteen crowd and eyeliner and lipstick that is growing in demand with the millennials. There are very bold colors that now match the new semi-permanent hair dye that is also part of the Lime Crime product line. Doe Deere has really made it possible for people to get everything that they need to get the look that they would like to have.

People that are checking out this brand of cosmetics will discover that Doe Deere is someone that is passionate about animals, and that is why she promotes Lime Crime as a cruelty-free brand of cosmetics. She also believes that consumers need a choice that is different from what everyone else in the mainstream is offering.

This is why the brand has evolved as such a powerful brand that is different from many other things that are out there right now. The color scheme is different. The way that Doe Deere promotes Lime Crime is different. It is a whole new way for

consumers to look at cosmetics, and it proves that there is a great amount of interest in bringing the world of cosmetics into an era.

Lime Crime is one of the best so far, and consumers really want to become much more familiar with this brand of cosmetics.

Drew Madden – IT Specialist Welcomes Healthcare Changes

Healthcare is always changing at a rapid rate and businesses are working to ensure that they’re keeping up with the latest trends. Two reports from Amazon and CVS have taken the healthcare world by surprise. Amazon revealed that they will be obtaining their pharmacy license and taking one step further into the healthcare market. Amazon is a worldwide online company that provides every product imaginable and will now be offering prescription services in the near future. Aside from the Amazon news, CVS announced that they will be partnering with Aetna, which is a nationwide insurance company. Both companies are working to better the healthcare industry in several ways.

CVS is taking the initiative and offering different options for their customers. They recently announced that they will be offering a nationwide plan that is a guaranteed next-day delivery for all prescriptions. In an attempt to compete with Amazon and other prescription drug companies, they look to enhance their business structure. CVS is also looking to combine different services within their company which would include insurance services and routine care services. CVS hopes to be able to provide services for the patient from the very beginning all the way to end. It would start with prescription drug services and end with a comprehensive routine visit. Their MinuteClinic operations program would be able to assist all patients within their care and database. This would enable them to gain a creative and competitive edge over other healthcare companies.

Drew Madden is an expert in the IT-related healthcare industry where he currently works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is a leading healthcare IT company that provides services throughout the country. Madden has an extreme passion for the healthcare world involving IT. He works to build expert teams with valued partnerships. He worked for Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. In 2011, he became their president and worked for them until 2016. He proudly grew the company from 10 employees to 725 employees. They started with 3 client partners and by the time Madden left they had 150 client partners. He graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering with a focus on Medical Systems.

Talkspace: The Journey Starts Now

Life is a journey and there are many ups and downs along that journey. For many people, they are not exactly certain how to handle it or what is the best way to combat it. They are scared, confused, and lost. It is not them. It is the mental illness. Mental illness is one of those things that is hard to describe unless you have actually gone through it yourself. I have gone through it and still do go through it, so I know all about it and what comes with it. It is not a surprise to me. To others that do not have a chemical imbalance, they are confused by it.

They don’t understand why someone could feel upset or why someone could be unhappy. On paper, someone could appear to have the world at their fingertips. However, it is never that easy and never will be that easy. There is a lot more going on beneath the brain than meets the eye. Talkspace, more than anyone, understands that, and it is why they have put together the app for people out there. They want them to be able to talk to a therapist and get in touch with them and find out how they can go about feeling better more often than not.

Mental illness loves to creep in and when it does creep up, it comes on hot and heavy. It is very frustrating for a lot of people out there. They don’t know what to do and they don’t have the skills and the tools to handle it. Talkspace is going to give them a therapist that goes above and beyond to get to the bottom of it and make sure they have more good days than bad days. This is their work and this is their life.

Talkspace: The Texting Therapist

It might sound a little unusual to some people out there, but they can actually text their therapist and get in contact with them that way. Yes, it is true, and people love it. There is a lot to love about it: from the cost to the how easy it is. The cost, as mentioned, is only 32 dollars a month for daily text messages from their therapist. Most therapists don’t even answer their phone if you were to go to one of those fancy places with high-end furniture and even higher prices. They don’t get that personal experience that is truly lacking in therapy. There needs to be more of a personal touch for someone to feel comfortable talking to a therapist.

With Talkspace, they are all about the personal touch. It is something they really pride themselves on as a company. It is what they believe separates them from other therapists out there. In addition to that, they have over 1,000 professionals to choose from, and they are all highly skilled and trained. This is truly the future of therapy and it is good to get on board with it now if you need help and need to talk to someone.

They have talked about creating a judgment free zone for all of their patients. They get to the heart of the matter and they find out what is really bothering someone in their life. Once they figure that out, they can help guide the person down the right path in their life. They don’t have to be in pain anymore. They can also start to sleep better at night and feel better about life. Everything is going to turn out better for them when they use Talkspace. There is truly no downside to it and people are raving about it.

A Look At The Healthy Products Of Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a network marketing company that is headquartered in the British Columbia province of Canada. They offer beverages to their customers, including lines of both coffees and teas. They also offer personal care products and supplements. All of this company’s products include Ganoderma which is a mushroom that has long been used to treat a variety of medical conditions throughout Asia. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

The products of Organo Gold are sold through independent distributors. In addition to Canada the products are available in more than 50 countries around the world. The distributors of Organo Gold can provide their customers with free product samples as well as both discounted prices and automated shipping options. The independent distributors are able to build their business upon a generous compensation plan. Some independent distributors run their businesses on a full-time basis while others use it just to pick up some extra cash in addition to their regular jobs. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold has many types of coffees with Ganoderma in them. This includes Cafe Latte, Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Cafe Mocha, and Cafe Supreme. These also offer lines of tea including Green Tea, Black Ice, and Red Tea. Additionally, they have Hot Cocoa available for their customers. Their personal care products include a G3 Beauty Soap as well as OG Smile which is a toothpaste.

Health supplemental products also make up what Organo Gold offers. Among these are detox support products as well as energy drinks. They also have products such as OGX Fenix Chocolate or OGx Fenix Vanilla which is a shake that has both protein and bioactive nutrients. This is used by some to lose weight while others drink it in order to feel good.


Talkspace: Therapy That Works For You

When it comes to mental health, it is something that is not taken as seriously in this world as it should be because a lot of people are going through a really hard time right now. They could really use a therapist or someone to talk to them as they go through this hard time. However, therapy is expensive and not everyone can afford it. That is why something like Talkspace is exactly what is needed and just what they want, as it is done over the phone. It can be done over video, text, or through a phone call. It is all about works for the person that is suffering through a mental health crisis.

At the end of the day, they need to do what is best for them and what makes them the most comfortable. The great thing is that the service is affordable and it won’t cost them an arm and a leg. One of the hardest things for someone that is going through a hard time is getting the courage to go to a therapist. With Talkspace, they don’t have to worry about it, as they feel more comfortable using modern technology.

Another issue that often arises is the fact that they have difficult finding rides and getting to therapy. Because of all these obstacles, they sometimes don’t even start therapy. Mental health is not something that should be taken lightly, which is why Talkspace has truly helped a lot of people in dire situations. They don’t feel alone anymore. They know they can reach out to someone when they need them, and they will talk to them, be there for them, and help them with whatever they are going through and come up with some great solutions for them to use in the future.

Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a financial services firm that provides a number of services that help various types of clients manage their funds. With Highland Capital Management, both individual investors and institutional investors will have a dependable company to work with when looking to oversee their capital. For over two decades, Highland Capital Management has been able to provide many clients with asset management through the use of debt and credit backed securities. With these types of securities, a number of investors have had the ability to grow their capital as well as more efficiently monitor its growth. During its existence, Highland Capital Management has expanded to a number of locations throughout the world. The firm is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Read more at

This firm has been in existence for over twenty years and has gradually built itself into one of the top investment firms in entire world. In the year 1990,a couple of experienced finance professionals founded the firm. When they first put together the firm, they started up a company that offered life insurance. During the first couple of years, the firm was among the most reputable firms in the industry. While it was quite successful as a life insurance company, the co founders wanted to make it into a firm that provides a wide range of financial services. Throughout the rest of the decade, the firm began offering more services to accommodate the needs of many of its existing clients. By the end of the 90’s decade, Highland Capital Management emerged as one of the premier companies in terms of providing wealth and asset management to its customers.


Like a number of financial services companies, Highland Capital Management offers a number of products and services to a number of its clients. The firm helps many individual clients manage their wealth through financial advisory which entails giving feedback on how to manage investment funds. It also helps pension fund investors manage their capital as well. When it comes to assisting institutional investors such as government organizations and corporations, Highland Capital Management offers asset management in the form of advising as well as overseeing the performance of a number of financial securities. These services have proven to help clients improve their financial situation. Read this article at