Malcolm Casselle Is Making Cryptocurrency A Modern Currency

Malcolm CasSelle graduated from MIT with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from Stanford University, both degrees are in Computer Science. Malcolm is well versed in Mandarin and Japanese and who was born in Pennsylvania. His interest in computer technology has led Malcolm to a successful career in various digital media ventures. Presently, he is the CIO of OPSkins and the President of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), which is a P2P marketplace.

Malcolm CasSelle has managed many ventures in the digital industry including Tronc, Inc., MediaPass, SeaChange International, Xfire, and Timeline Labs. Mr. CasSelle was also one of the first entrepreneurs to invest in the first stages of Facebook, Zynga, as well as several new companies which began using Bitcoin as their cryptocurrency.

Malcolm Casselle

OPSkins is an online digital asset marketplace for e-video gamers. OPSkins is a veiled virtual exchange hub which has been operating for three years and is trading in billions of digital currencies. Mr. CasSelle used the success of OPSkins to create WAX which opens the cryptocurrency environment to outside the gaming exchange for direct trading.

With WAX game aficionados and public traders they can also use systems like the U.S. dollars, Euros, PayPal, or credit card. The Bitcoin currency is also growing in popularity as the new adaption in online monetary value. WAX engages in its own tokens allowing gamers and traders to solely and easily buy and sell.

Malcolm CasSelle has grown OPSkins exponentially as a global leader in virtual bitcoin sales and which continues to change and progress. OPSkins is the first online e-commerce forum for people to buy digital sports merchandise using bitcoin currency or to sell items whose digital currency can then be transferred to their personal accounts.

Mr. CasSelle reports that OPSkins and WAX is receiving new users monthly with millions of dollars in transactions weekly. With this promising outlook, Malcolm said that he can see tokens, bitcoin and cryptocurrency growing into mainline buying and selling adjudications. Malcom CasSelle believes that by keeping the online digital currency marketplace simple that people will be more willing to use it until it becomes a daily monetary system.


Mike Baur Interviews His Business Partner And Offers His Own Advice

Mike Baur and Max Meister of Swiss Startup Factory recently sat down for an interview to talk about entrepreneurship. The established their company to help tech entrepreneurs get through the earliest stage of forming a company. They both brought a wealth of experience to their company. Mike Baur worked for many years in Switzerland’s private banking industry where he managed the funds of investments of extremely wealthy people. Max Meister, meanwhile, has done management consulting for many years.

Several new entrepreneurs have now gone through Swiss Startup Factory’s business boot camp. They receive the funding they need to get their company’s established as well as other resources, mentoring, and very valuable connections. In their interview, Mike Baur asked questions of his business partner.

First, Mike Baur asked his business partner he wanted to co-found Swiss Startup Factory. The reason, Max Meister said, was that there was a big gap in the marketplace where new tech companies were not getting the help they needed to successfully start a company. They had fantastic ideas but no idea about how to get funding and operationally go about setting a firm up. Like Mike Baur, he felt passionate about filling this need they saw in the tech industry.

Mike Baur also what Max Meister wishes he had done differently as the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory for the past three years. The answer was that he really feels like they did just about everything right. He would have tweaked at the edges, such as spending more time asking potential new clients what their motivations were for starting a new company.

As an entrepreneur, Mike Baur says that inspiration and really great ideas will come to you. He says they most often occur spontaneously. He says this often occurs when a person needs some production and then find out it doesn’t exist and they then want to know why not. An entrepreneur, he says, will recognize that this product could be filling a need others have as well and then start to investigate farther to see if it would be a good enough idea to build a company around.

Another quality that Mike Baur says entrepreneurs need to have is trust in themselves and what they are selling if they really believe in it. They should ignore people who are just being negative and not offering any constructive feedback. He also says they should never fear failure.

“A great place to work”, IC Systems.

IC System is a debt collection company founded by Jack and Ruth Erickson in 1938. Today the Third generations of the Erickson family own IC Systems and continue to give their customers honest and ethical service.

IC Systems was the first collection agency with in the United States to use computers for accounts receivable instead of typewriters in 1968, and today still take pride in being one of the most cutting-edge collections agencies. As well as utilizing the best collection tools to better their reputation and be the safest collection agency in the industry.

They are headquartered out of Saint Paul, Minnesota and holding two Midwestern locations IC Systems was nominated in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for the torch award for ethics by the Better Business Bureau.

IC Systems could not have gotten where they are today without holding to their core values. By treating people with respect, dignity and integrity. By exceeding expectations, always doing the right thing, being proud of what they do, and getting things done in new and practical ways.

As well as holding to their core values IC Systems also takes great pride in there charity committee. The employee charitable help organization, which began in 1981 for dedicated employees that want to help their community. This committee decides and investigates on the distribution of funds donated by employees and IC Systems itself. Always taking into consideration employees who may be facing personal and health problems.

Some of the Charities that IC systems contributes to is the Olympics Wisconsin, Toys for Tots, American Cancer Society, arming Heroes, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital Charities, and just to name a few.

According to indeed current and previous employees of IC Systems gives them a 3.6 stars out of five. Six reviews out of the 16 are five star ratings and three are four star ratings ( With many people stating that it was productive place to work and a great company to work for.


Restoring Former Potential with Jeunesse

If Jeunesse’s loyal base of followers isn’t the first sign that the wellness company is onto something good, its place in the top 500 list of burgeoning direct sellers should be a fine indicator. For almost a full decade, Jeunesse Global has delivered inspired health products to the world in an effort to change humanity nine steps at a time with it’s renown Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which was developed from complex formulas of nature’s simplest provisions.

The beauty of Y.E.S. is so much more than the all-natural composition, Jeunesse’s fixation with the number 9 or the cutting-edge research that goes into their offerings; it’s the humble admission that they can’t copy the greatness of the human body, only supplement it. The reality is, the most powerful technology on the planet rests nowhere else but inside ourselves, each and every one of us. The wonders of the body’s self-correcting facilities can be realized by providing it with the resources to make it work, and that’s precisely what Jeunesse does.

Rediscover Wellness

Do you struggle to sleep well at night? Are you waking up groggy and unwilling to drink coffee to fix it? Do you experience mid-day crashes or inevitable lapses in focus? Y.E.S. is here to deliver against all of these complications and more with nine product lines that attack a different area of the wellness concept as a whole. Other products emphasize smooth, glowing skin; fitness supplements that burn fat, boost muscle and restrain appetite; and even basic immunity enhancement supplements to protect you from the elements. You can also find antioxidant packages, a two-minute solution to mild skin flaws on the face such as enlarged pores and wrinkles, and a natural brain booster to keep you sharp.

Although it sounds like Y.E.S. is engineered for older folk, it’s truthfully designed with everyone in mind: man, woman, young and old, all walks of life, no exceptions. Those who are young can take advantage of the system to preserve what they still have while the wiser among us have the means of reclaiming what was once theirs. Because Y.E.S. is completely natural, the potential for problems down the road is minimal if the products are used as directed.

Going the Natural Resources Investment Way with Specialist Matt Badiali

As a senior manager at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali came up with the idea of helping people out of financial constraints after experiencing his father struggles in investing. He writes to educate people based on his academic qualifications and experience. Matt Badiali began investment advisory in 2004 when he was working towards a Ph.D. where he met a friend in finance who needed help developing investment methods for an average American investor. He joined Penn State University and graduated with a B.S in Earth Science and later Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with an M.S in Geology. Visit to know more.

He is very knowledgeable about energy, metals, and natural resources and helps investors find the best investments in this sectors. This he does through his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist. To get real, first hand and reliable natural resources stock investment ideas for his newsletter, Matt Badiali gets his hands dirty by traveling all over the globe to speak with experts, visit mining sites, and explore new opportunities. He has gone to Switzerland, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Haiti, Singapore and Iraq visiting countless mines, company headquarters, and oil projects. In this course, he has analyzed all manner of geologic data and interrogated CEOs about their latest resource prospects.

The Real Wealth Strategist is for people who are looking to invest in the highest potential natural resources of oil and gas industry, precious metals, energy, mining, mineral. To use it, members subscribe with $49 and receive rare and profitable investment opportunities. Matt Badiali specialty in this industry can be relied on as Exxon Mobil, and Anadarko trust his knowledge. Read this article at

On the Real Wealth Strategist, there is a full list of people who made profits through its advisory service. The service used technology that allows you to trade and carry investment strategies on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a desktop. One advantage of investing in earth natural resources is that they are limited commodities, implying that the chances of potential and massive gains are real and exponential. Unlike stock market crashes, interest rate dips, housing market crisis, natural resources do not have worries.

The Real Wealth Strategist recommends 12 stocks to invest in every year with precise information on what to purchase, its price and when to sell it. All these are on Matt Badiali’s buy now list. The subscription gives you weekly updates on current positions of each stock you picked and other news.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s contribution in advancing global biotechnology.

Dr. Mark Holterman was born in Wisconsin, and it was here on the farm where he learned his most valued life lessons. He helped his father run a small construction business owned by the family. He was admitted to Yale in 1976, and he graduated in 1980 then he later got a scholarship to study in the Medical Scientist Training program (Markholterman). Dr. Mark Holterman did his MD and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia where he studied for thirteen years and in this period had completed his residency, obtained his degree and was married with two sons. Dr. Mark Holterman did his fellowship training in Pediatric surgery at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mark Holterman is the driving force and the brains behind Mariam Global Health. He has extensive knowledge in the medical discipline, and Mariam Global Health was his move to put his experience in practice and towards helping global medicine. He has a team of doctors and scientists, and Mariam Global Health has been the tie between the medical professionals and impacts innovators to help advance global healthcare especially in the biotechnology sector. Dr. Mark Holterman is a very prayerful person and begins and ends his day with a prayer. He has a very flexible schedule and handles first things first. Dr. Mark is careful not to be overwhelmed by work at the office, and that’s the reason he delegates work to his employees. Dr Mark Holterman always runs his ideas past his business panel for advice and guidance. He advises entrepreneurs always to consult their trusted business team that would assess new plans to identify possible flaws in them. One important strategy that Dr. Mark uses to grow his business is having control over his expenditure as much as possible. He also adds that it is vital to be lean and at the same time hungry to achieve efficiency. Dr. Mark Holterman is excited about the upcoming trend of regenerative medicine and medical photonics in the field of biotechnology. Despite the fact that he has a lot of knowledge and experience, Dr. Mark Holterman is firmly confident that one should always ask for advice. This habit of swallowing his pride and always asking for help has been the stepping stone towards him becoming more productive in his endeavors.


Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Water: Ethical, Charitable, Sustainable, Healthy, And Tastes Great Too

Imagine sitting on a beach and your soaking up the sun and all of the sudden you get thirsty. You reach for a bottle of water and after one sip, you realize that it was not your usual brand. Waiakea Water is everything that Hawaii represents in bottle form. The Hawaiian volcanic water is not your typical grocery store bottled water.

The company was founded in 2012 and the source of water is a volcano. As the snow melts and the rain falls, it goes through a natural filtration system that consists of 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. The water travels for 30 days to get to its designation. It does not get any more natural than that. Trace minerals are infused into the water during its journey making it rich in electrolytes and naturally alkaline.

To Waikea Water it is more than the great tasting water. It is also about being kind the planet that we all have to share. They are the first water bottling company in America to be certified Carbon Neutral. Part of that certification is due to their water bottle. Waikea has no desire to pollute their shores with water bottles. Instead, they created the first water bottle that is 100% biodegradable. Also, their bottles are constructed out of 100 percent recyclable plastic. This means that instead of taking 1,000 years to break down, like most water bottles, their bottle will take 15 years.

It does not stop there for Waikea. The company understands that to be healthy, you need to have something healthy to drink. Waikea has partnered with Pump Aid to provide water and help to create sanitary conditions in Africa and other places worldwide. For every one-liter of water that is bought, Waikea donates one week of drinking water. Thanks to their hard work, over 1.35 million people can get clean water to drink and have access to some basic sanitary needs.,18.htm

Dr. Saad Saad and his Medical Patents

Dr. Saad Saad is known for his work in pediatric surgery and for inventing several patents. Over the course of his career, this pediatric surgeon has performed numerous surgeries and has been on eight missions to Jerusalem where e performed dozens of complex pediatric surgeries on children, saving and improving lives.

The medical career of Dr. Saad Saad stretches over the last four years. He has developed several surgical procedures and patented two inventions. The patents are used to improve procedures and to find better ways to execute and use tools that are already available in less advanced versions. Dr. Saad Saad personally holds the patents.

The first one is a development of the catheter. The tool is essentially a medical tube that is inserted into the body and is used in various ways and situations. One of the most popular ones is drainage as well as helping patients with surgery urinate. The patent by Dr. Saad Saadis called Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device.

Usually, when medical experts use a catheter, they need to track the precise location as even the millimeter is of extreme consequence. The tracking is usually done through an X-ray or an MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imagining. Frequent X-rays can have negative effects on the body. In order to reduce the usage of X-rays, Dr. Saad Saad has developed the patent s that experts can track it without needing to go through these extra steps.

The catheter is fitted with a device that makes use of electromagnetic energy to figure here it is located precisely. The device is in the top of the catheter, and inside of the walls of the tube, there are two wires. The signal is sent to an external scanning device that can be tracked during the surgery or procedure without needing any X-rays or other machinery.

The other patent is a device that is meant to improve the use of an endoscope which is an optical device inserted into the patient’s body to look inside it during an examination. The view, however, can be obstructed by body liquids. The patent by Dr. Saad Saad has a suction-irrigation device to mend that.

Dr. Saad Saad has been striving towards contributing to medicine and making it more straightforward to execute some of the more simple procedures in order to aid surgeons and physicians in their work and more complex surgeries and procedures. Learn more:

Desiree Perez One of Music’s Most Powerful

A native of New York City, Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez is as tough as nails. Des, as she is called by friends, has been named by Billboard Magazine as one of the most powerful women in the music industry. The accolade has been a long time coming for Perez, as she has been a powerful force in the industry for over 20 years. To those who have worked with her and for her, Perez is as tough and business-minded as they come.

Des managed a number of night clubs and entertainment venues in New York for nearly 20 years, which is how she met and became friends with rap mogul Jay-Z. Jay-Z quickly recognized Perez’ business acumen and made her the COO of his company, SC Enterprises. When he decided to launch Roc Nation in 2009, he made her the COO of that company as well. The move may have raised some eyebrows to those on the outside but to those who knew the talent that Perez had were not surprised.

She quickly took to her role at the company, being the lead negotiator in a number of deals over the next decade. She was the principal negotiator in both Rihanna’s deal with Samsung and Beyoncé’s deal with Foundation Stadium. She is known around the industry as a sly executive who always gets the better end of the deal. This was never more apparent than in January of 2017 when she made a deal with Sprint on behalf of Roc Nation’s new music streaming service, TIDAL. The deal gave Sprint a 33% stake in the service for $200 million and gave TIDAL exclusivity for the company’s 45 million customers.

Perez prefers to stay out of the public eye although she is now being recognized as one of the most powerful people in music.

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Dr. Dov Rand and The Passion He Has To Improve the Healthcare Practice

We have so many things to share about Dr. Dov Rand, the renowned West Orange NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, and this article will be an attempt to give you some of the most relevant information today about him.


The Physical Medicine Advocate

One of the many advocacies of the famous Dr. Dov Rand is physical medicine and rehab. He has spent his life and career in Wayne, NJ to make sure that most of the people in the area can get the best service, recovery, and rehab that they need. They deserve the best service. They deserve the most expert of them all, and in this desire to offer the best, Dr. Dov Rand made sure that he’ll be running his medical practice there.

It may not be as lucrative and profitable to work in New Jersey compared to working in New York, but to Dr. Dov Rand, it’s not all just about the money. It’s about the craft, the service, the dedication and the fulfillment of being with the people who need his assistance the most.

The affiliation that Dr. Dov Rand also has with the Chilton Medical Center is also an indication of the outstanding record, performance, and skills that he can offer to the public. You may also know that Dr. Dov Rand also had his education and training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he had his residency and series of training in practical physical medicine. He also had his internship and med school training at the Howard University College of Medicine and St Barnabas Medical Center. He also got his NJ State Medical License and certification, which makes more people trust him and his expertise in the field that he offers. Discover more in (Northnewjerseyhcg).


The Future Ahead

Some of the many challenges of the modern healthcare industry that Dr. Dov Rand is facing right now is the one involving skin in the game. Many doctors these days take part in big pharmaceutical companies’ games and marketing gimmicks to sell dangerous drugs to people. When this happens, the doctors who prescribe the lousy medicine don’t pay for the price. They don’t pay for the consequences. Fortunately, Dr. Dov Rand is ready to face this challenge and is willing to address and fix it.